What are you Actually Going to be Doing?

The short answer is, I’m not sure.

Generally speaking my long-term plan to work alongside or under Japanese pastors to help, support and encourage them to train up leaders for the Japanese church. But how that plan will work out I don’t know.

I do know that for the first 8 months I’ll be doing language study, as well as learning more about Japanese culture and generally getting used to being back in Japan.

After that it will be a case of answering the question, ‘How can I best serve the Japanese church?’ And obviously that isn’t a question for me to decide on my own: the hope is that during my time in language school OMF missionary folk and Japanese pastors will get to know me well enough to discern where and what I should be doing. After all, it’s their churches, they know best how I can help.

But first it’ll be a case of listening and learning.


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