What are You Doing Between Now and When You Leave?

5 Main Things

Writing a book – That’s right, actually writing a book. Not just vaguely planning to, but actually creating words that will go into one. I’m amazed myself. Not that it’s particularly impressive. As a wise man once said, “Of the writing of books there is no end.” But I do hope and pray that the book I write will encourage and help people to support missionary folk like myself. I’ll give you a clue, it’s mainly to do with Jesus Christ.

Working on this blog – I plan on using this blog as the main platform for keeping in touch with all the folk I can’t fit in my suitcase. I’m going to be updating it twice a week with (hopefully) a balance of entertaining/informative pieces and serious/reflective posts. I’m also going to tweak it to make it more appealing, easier to navigate and generally better.

Doing some talks – I’m speaking a little bit at churches and other small events. I’m only an one-year-expert on Japan, but I do enjoy sharing the experiences I have had. And hopefully I can encourage people to consider supporting folk in Japan, or even going themselves.

Studying Japanese – You probably expected this. I still have a long way to go in improving my Japanese and I’m also keen not to lose too much of what I have. So little bits each, and every, day.

Learning to play piano – You probably didn’t expect this. Especially if you know me well. I’ve never really been a musical person. I started Clarinet when I was at primary school (I wanted to play the Sax, but apparently I was too small!) and achieved I think level 2, maybe 3, before giving up. Anywho, I have decided to teach myself piano. Mainly because I think it could be a good way to stay sane in Japan.


Few other things

I’m also thinking of creative ways to encourage folk to pray for Japan and missionaries out in Japan. So, I’m currently working on creating some stencils for dusting coffee. You know what I mean, right? They have them in Costa and stuff. Normally in the shape of a coffee bean? Well I’m aiming for something a bit more Japanese…

And finally… I had a chance in the Autumn to do some further study (I finished at Bible college last summer) at a great place called Tyndale house, which is actually a library. I was looking mainly at how prophecy in the book of Jeremiah might help Japanese Christians who struggle with how to live in a country permeated with Buddhism and Shinto culture. I hope to put my thoughts from that into some sort of helpful format for others to use.


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