How Long Will You Be Going For?

The short answer is “As long as I can.”

The slightly longer answer is that I will be going out on a 4-year term basis. Which means that I will spend 4 years out in Japan and then come back to the UK for 6-12 months, before heading back out again for another 4 years. The idea is then to repeat this until my retirement or Christ’s return.

The thinking behind this (it’s OMF’s idea by the way, not mine) is that it allows me to retain friendships with my supporters in the UK (that would be you hopefully) and also to encourage folk to consider going overseas themselves (that might also be you!) by regaling church gatherings with tales of my heroic deeds, and all that sort of stuff.

If you’re wondering whether I’m planning on retiring in Japan… no. Not because I wouldn’t want to necessarily, but because it’s just not very easy.


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