How Can I Get Involved?

Good question. In fact next time you see me you can claim a free high-five.

The main way is by praying. For me. For Japan. For OMF. If you want to receive my monthly prayer letters then sing-up (sing-up? I think I probably mean sign-up) anywho, do that here. If you do want to sing-up then feel free to do that as well. I just can’t guarantee that it’ll achieve anything. (Speaking of singing-up, if you haven’t seen the ‘Gas Station Karaoke’ youtube video you should check it out.)

You could also write to me. I don’t think I explain how much it means to get a letter that:

  1. You can fully understand
  2. Comes from someone you actually know
  3. Doesn’t have dates highlighted in red right next to words that you don’t know but which seem to be pictographs of someone being thrown into a tank of sharks

For other ways you can get involved in the work of OMF see their website. You can also check to see if there are any upcoming OMF events happening in your area.

You could also work as a sort of unpaid ambassador by telling your friends about this blog. Sure it won’t change the world, but if you tell 2 people and they each tell 2 people it’ll only take…some time before…a certain amount of people are…doing something. Anyway, it can’t hurt to try (This is not a guarantee: I take no responsibility for any injuries that might actually be sustained in trying to contact people).

If you want to know more about ways to support me, be involved with OMF, learn about Japan, etc then do get in touch.


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