Do You Like Sushi?

I do, but not that much.

But if you think that Japanese cuisine is limited to raw fish and rice, then you, my friend, are about as mistaken as it’s possible to be without needing medical help.

Japanese food is as diverse as it is tasty, the solution of that equation being ‘immensely.’ Noodles. Soup. Curry. Soup-curry. Served with pork, beef, chicken, sea-food and a whole pantheon of vegetables. And the fruit, oh the fruit! Not to mention the faux Italian and American dining on offer, or ‘Mister Donuts.’

There is however a fly in the ointment. The name of that fly is ‘natto.’  People will tell you it means ‘fermented soybeans,’ but do not be deceived: it is rotten food! It is grim, vile, and frankly disgusting. And the Japanese love it! The mind boogles… and the stomach churns. Youtube it, if you dare.

Anyway, that was a brief rant through the world of Japanese food: much more than sushi.


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