I’ve discovered that when I talk to folk about my plans for going to Japan they tend to ask me the same questions. It’s not that I’ve got fed up with answering those questions and if you ask me one in person I won’t simply say, “See my website!” but I figured it could be helpful to put answers to some of the more frequently asked questions I get. If my answers fill you with further curiosity or incessant rage then feel free to get in touch (but if you come for a fight, be warned…I’ve watched quite a bit of sumo).

Below are the questions I’ve finished.

I’m currently working on answers to “Are there many Christians in Japan?” and “What religion do people follow have in Japan?” These are taking me a bit longer because I have to put in actual facts rather than just make stuff up. But expect them by the end of the month.

If you still have questions then please ask. I’m happy to attempt an answer for most anything.


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