Jesus is risen so there is hope for Japan (and for me)

As a Christian Easter Sunday is obviously a significant day for me, but this year it has more weight for me than usual, probably more than ever before.

It was on Easter Sunday a year ago that I It was I said goodbye to my family and set out from the UK to begin my life and work in Japan.  And thought I couldn’t have guessed it at the time, it was on Easter Sunday a year ago that I hugged my Dad for the last time in my life.

It’s been over eight months now since my Dad died. Somedays I don’t think about that at all, but other times the wound feels as raw now as it ever did. The healing powers of time, it would seem, have been somewhat overplayed. To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, “You never ‘get over’ losing a limb.”

And it’s not just that grief I have to deal with. This last year has in many ways demonstrated to me not only the fragility of life, but the frailties of my own heart. My weaknesses and limitations have become much more apparently to me. It turns out I’m actually not all that. Any hopes I have of seeing change in Japan, well they can’t rest with me.

But today is Easter Sunday. A day that allows me to look the mess of this world and the mess in my heart and say, “There is hope.”

Sorry, did I say ‘say’? I meant sing. Songs like this one.

(Thanks to ‘That Happy Certainty’ for that link. Check out his latest post for a few others.)

Now if you’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing me sing, you’ll know that I don’t really share my Dad’s gift in that area. But I do enjoy singing, and because of Easter Sunday I look forward to the day when I’ll be able to sing with him again (who knows, maybe after 10,000 years of practice I’ll even be able to sing in tune with him).

Now you have chocolate to eat, and it’s time for me to sleep, so I’ll leave prolonged reflections for another time/person. Just to say that the bloody cross and empty tomb of Jesus demonstrates that God is willing and able to rescue this messed up world. There is hope for me. And if there’s hope for me, then there is hope for Japan.

Happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “Jesus is risen so there is hope for Japan (and for me)

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Levi you are right we are weak but thank God for his grace and mercy. If he gives it to us he can give it to everyone. Because he is risen and alive we have a hope. Not that I really understand how God works but he is real and he will do his work. We just need to get involved and let him do the job. We are always learning.
    Nina Cooper (Paul Cooper mum)



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