Two blogs or not two blogs: that is the question

So I’m trying to decide what to do with my blog. And it makes sense to ask your opinion. After all, this blog is really about you. I mean obviously in a way it’s about me, since I’m writing it, and I write about my experiences. But I’m writing for you. I want to write stuff you want to read.


Now I had originally intended to write a blog about my life in Japan – give you an insight into the challenges of being a missionary in Japan, and all that jazz.


What I hadn’t counted on was my father’s untimely death. To say it was unexpected would be an award-wining understatement. But what was also unexpected was the response I got to the posts I wrote about my dad’s passing. I guess it just shows how self-involved I am that I didn’t appreciate just how many other people have been affected by similar tragedies.


Anywho, writing is turning out to be an indispensable outlet for me to process my grief and help me move forward. I’ve got a notebook that is filling up with thoughts, poetry, and stories. If these could help you (or someone you know) to work through pain/fear/confusion/grief then I would gladly put them down into blog form.


So the question is what do I do? Or rather, what do you want me to do?


  • I could start up a second blog where I take you with me as I walk through the process of mourning for my dad. And keep this blog focussed on my life in Japan.
  • Or I could stick with one blog and mix in thoughts on my dad’s death with life in Japan stuff.
  • Or I could just stay as I am with one blog and keep it focussed on life in Japan.
  • Or something else I haven’t thought about.


Not that I’m going to unquestioningly follow your response (which might not match up with the response of other folk), but I would like to know how I can best use this blog to serve you. I do of course have my own ideas, so if you’re like “Meh, whatever” then I’ll go with my plans, but if you’re not totally apathetic, I would like to hear what you think.


So please take three seconds to fill in this poll and/or leave a comment and let me know what you think.


One thought on “Two blogs or not two blogs: that is the question

  1. Matthew Weston

    My view (as someone who’s never met you!): It’s always easy for those of us back home to fall into the trap of thinking missionaries are somehow a different “class” of Christian, somehow above all the things of everyday life. Hagiographic biographies don’t help matters. But missionaries are whole people: they’re not just ministry machines, but have relationships, go through grief, get homesick, enjoy jokes, have hobbies… I know that’s obvious stuff, but seriously I sometimes need to remember that, because then I’m willing to consider that it could be me. So I think you should keep one blog and include everything. I’m not just reading to hear about life in Japan in some abstract sense – I’m reading because you matter as a person and not just a missionary with thoughts about his host nation. If I’m praying for God’s mission in Japan, that’s going to include the everyday struggles of real missionaries like you, not just an abstract, faceless “Mr Missionary”. That means hearing about heartache, as well as happiness; grief, as well as gladness. So if you do end up with two blogs, I will read both. And both will be fuel for prayer.



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