Update: There and Back Again… and Back There Again

I’ve caused some confusion. It’s not the first time in my life, and it most certainly won’t be the last. However, let me try to bring some order out of the chaos. Let me explain when I’m going to Japan:

  • Now I am in the UK
  • In mid-July I am going to Japan
  • I will be back in the UK in August
  • At the end of October I am going out to Japan
  • I will be there for 4 years

I hope that’s cleared things up. If not, then here’s a slightly longer explanation:

This summer I am leading a team out to help a couple of churches in Tokyo run summer music camps. You might know this as a ‘short-term mission trip,’ ‘long holiday,’ or possibly ‘tax evasion.’ The point is I’ll be back after about 3 weeks.

Until the end of October I will be travelling around the UK, visiting folk, saying goodbyes and doing some speaking at churches, and getting ready for the move to Japan. If all goes well I will depart these blessed shores on the 28th October. Then I will spend about 3 weeks in Singapore, doing orientation (yup, another ‘long holiday’) and will touch down in Japan a few days after I turn 30.

Then I will head to an Onzen (Japanese hot spring. See below for an example) for a ‘well deserved’ rest!




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