Presumably if you’re here then I (or someone who knows me) told you about this website and if you’re still reading it means you’re probably not one of those ‘I don’t read preambles’ adventurous types, so let me outline what’s here for now. More will follow as I update this, but life is quite busy at the moment. Anyway you’re not here to read about my ‘woes,’ so here we go…

In the future I’ll be updating this with blog posts, photos, maybe even videos of my life out in Japan. For the time being (I.e. Until July) I’m still in the UK, so the main pages you’ll want to check out are: ‘The Vision,’ which explains the task that I believe God has called me to, and ‘Reversed Thunder,’ which explains the role God may have for you to play in bringing the vision to pass. If we haven’t actually met, or if we only chatted briefly you may want to check out ‘About Me,’ and the FAQ section.

God bless,



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